As an airport operator, SEA is responsible for ensuring the operational safety and security of Linate and Malpensa airports. It must therefore ensure that all airport personnel receive appropriate training before entering the airside area unescorted, before driving a vehicle in the airside area and before using the airport infrastructure.

The SEA Training Shared Services function, in collaboration with the relevant departments, develops training programmes for the operator's personnel and provides all operators with the mandatory courses required by the regulations to obtain an airport badge or to drive a vehicle in the airside.

EU regulation and national legislation

The airport operator is responsible for managing and maintaining the airport infrastructure and for coordinating and controlling the activities of the operators, as required by the agreement with ENAC (Navigation Code art.705). In addition to national legislation, EU Regulation 139/14 and its subsequent amendments define the requirements for operators to obtain and maintain the Airport Certificate. Regulation EU 139/14 emphasises the operator's obligation to ensure that adequately trained and qualified personnel are employed for the operation and maintenance of the airport and that all airport operators receive mandatory training for access to specific operational areas.

Regulation EU139/14 and subsequent amendments therefore constitute the regulatory reference, the provisions of which are binding on the airport operator and third-party operators. The organisational and operational methods of mandatory training are described in the Airport Manual (Chapter 3 of Training Manual) and in the Airport Regulations.

How to enrol

Training SEA provides both in-person and online courses; enrolment must be carried out by the organisation operating in the airport sector. To enrol, it is necessary to fill in the forms available at the links in the following sections and follow the instructions.

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Training Courses

Safety courses

As required by Regulation EU139/14 and subsequent amendments, all operators with access to airside are required to complete a specific safety training course. The certificate issued on completion of the course is valid for 24 months and it is the employer's responsibility to check the validity of the certificate and apply for renewal (Airside Safety Recurrent Course).

A valid training certificate must be presented when an airport pass is issued or renewed. In addition, the operator will check the validity of the certificate using an electronic system located at the gates at each airside access point; access will not be granted with an expired certificate.

Two types of Airside Safety courses are provided:

  • Airside Safety Plus, designed for unescorted personnel with access to the airside and under aircraft and firefighters. It covers topics related to FOD, Safety Net, PEA - Aeronautical Emergency Plan and Emergency Hand Signal.
    • Please indicate on the application form if the course is for personnel working under aircraft by ticking the appropriate box and the system will assign the appropriate course.
    • If the requested course is an initial course, two modules will be allocated: Airside Safety Plus and Airside Safety Plus Online Practice, to be completed in a prescribed order
    • Only for initial courses, once the online courses have been completed, it is necessary to attend an ASSESSMENT (verification interview) in person at the Training Centres, which must be requested with a special application. The certificate will be issued manually only after the successful completion of the assessment
    • The Airside Safety Plus Recurrent course consists of only one module, does not include an assessment and allows participants to print the certificate independently.
  • Airside Safety (common): this course is designed for all operators who enter airside unescorted but do not work under aircraft.
    • Please specify on the application form whether the course is for personnel working in the airside but not under aircraft (do not tick the 'works under aircraft' box)
    • The system will assign the appropriate course requested - initial or recurrent
    • For both initial and recurrent courses, participants are allowed to print the certificate independently

Airside Safety course application/enrolment forms:

  • Click here to request online Airside Safety courses (in Italian and English).
  • Click here to register for Airside Safety Plus Initial assessment sessions.

For more information on the Training Management System, training obligations and the content of Airside Safety Courses, click here for Linate or here for Malpensa.

  • Safety and Human Factors. All international organisations and associations of reference in civil aviation, such as ICAO, IATA, Eurocontrol and EASA, pay the utmost attention to the study of this critical issue for air transport related activities. Training SEA offers the Human Factors course online to all airside operators.

Safety and Human Factors course request forms:

  • Click here to request online Safety and Human factors courses.
  • Long Absence Refresher. This is a mandatory course for all operators with access to airside after a continuous absence of more than 3 months. The course is delivered online.

Long Absence Refresher course request form:

  • Click here to request the online Long Absence Refresher course - safety section
Airport driving licence

As required by EU Regulation 139/14 (Annex IV ADR.OPS.B.025), the Airport Operator issues the 'Authorisation to Drive in the Movement Area'.

The complete regulations concerning the issue and maintenance of the airport driving licence can be found in chapter 9.2 of the Airport Regulations of Linate and Malpensa.

Click here Click here to learn more about the Linate Airport Regulations.

Click here to learn more about the Malpensa Airport Regulations.

Green driving licence - It entitles the holder to drive on the apron and requires a full initial course for the first issue:

  • Green Driving Licence Theory Course (4 hours), delivered in person at SEA Training Centres
  • Green Driving Licence Practical course (2.5 hours), delivered in person at SEA Training Centres
  • Green Driving Licence Exam, conducted in person at an SEA Training Centre

To maintain the Green Driving Licence, it is mandatory to complete the online Green Driving Licence Recurrent training course every 24 months from the date of first issue. In addition, a Green Driving Licence Proficiency Check (test) must be taken every 24 months at the specific request of the SEA Training Centre. Upon expiry of the licence, a renewal examination is mandatory.

Holders of licences issued by ENAC-certified airports who wish to drive at Linate and Malpensa airports must attend a Licence Familiarisation course at the SEA Training Centres. At the end of the course, a familiarisation certificate will be issued, which must be presented together with the reference licence.

Any person who, although in possession of a valid airport licence, has not driven in the movement area for more than three months at their home airport and/or at other airports where they have previously been familiarised, must attend a licence familiarisation course at the airport where they will be working.

Request/Enrolment Forms for Driving Licence Courses:

  • Click here to enrol in theoretical/practical and familiarisation courses.
  • Click here to register for tests to obtain or renew your Airport Driving Licence.
  • Click here to request the online Green Driving Licence Recurrent Course or the Green Driving Licence Proficiency Check.
  • Click here to enrol in Red Driving Licence courses (for authorised operators only).
Airport Security – PNS

Security training courses are mandatory for operators upon entry into the airport sector and for periodic (every 60 months) staff training. These courses are a prerequisite for the issue or renewal of the airport pass. The instructors are certified in accordance with ENAC Circular SEC01A of 5/1/2017 for the implementation of the National Security Programme, in compliance with EU Regulation 1998/2015 and EC Regulation 300/2008.

The types of courses offered are:

  • Course A 13: Initial and periodic online-only course for non-passenger personnel requiring access to security restricted areas
  • Course A 15: Periodiconline-only course for air carrier and/or ground handling personnel requiring general security awareness training

Security PNS course application/enrolment forms:

  • Click here to request Security PNS courses online.


For security courses only, the end-of-course certificate is not available for independent printing by the user. It is automatically made available to SEA Badge Issuing Offices 48 (working) hours after completion. You can request a copy from Training SEA by sending an e-mail to:

Passengers with reduced mobility - PRM

In compliance with the EU1107/06 regulation on the rights of people with disabilities, ENAC circular GEN02B requires specific training for all airport operators who deal with the travelling public. Additional specialised training is provided for staff providing direct assistance to passengers with disabilities. An initial 4-hour course and a recurrent course every 24 months are available for those who have already completed the initial course.

PRM - Passengers with reduced mobility course application/enrolment forms:

  • Click here to enrol in the initial PRM - Passengers with Reduced Mobility course in person at the SEA Training Centre.
  • Click here to request online PRM - Passengers with Reduced Mobility Recurrent Courses
Operations Courses

Courses designed for airport staff with specific duties.

  • Snow Emergency Courses. Initial and recurrent courses tailored for external company personnel involved in SEA's Snow Emergency Plan.

Apron Safety and External Snow Removal Operations Course request forms:

  • Click here to request the Apron Safety and Snow Removal Operations online courses.

How to get to the Linate and Malpensa Training Centres and contacts.

From the SS336 take the exit for Terminal 1, then turn right towards Control Tower/Cargo City. The TLC building is on the left, on the 1st floor, about 150m after the control tower. To enter the area, use your badge to open the access bars or use the intercom if you do not have a valid badge. GPS Coordinates: 45°37'09.1 'N 8°42'58.3 'E.

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From Viale Forlanini, follow the signs for Linate Airport/Arrivals in the direction of multi-storey car parks P1 and P2. At the roundabout, turn right and continue for about 150 metres until you reach the manned barrier checkpoint. To enter the area, present your airport badge or identity card. Continue for about 1 km following the signs for Palazzina 35 (on the right), ground floor. GPS Coordinates: 45.457473, 9.283497.

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