Every day we learn and share what we know, training both skills and behaviours.

Because knowledge is our home and makes us better professionals. The SEAAcademy is the home of SEA training.


The SEAAcademy is synonymous with the training we provide every day to our employees, the airport community and the surrounding area. It is where we invest in our skills and talents, striving to be the best version of ourselves. 
The SEAAcademy is where we generously give back what we have learned from others, fostering the growth of a virtuous relationship and synergy with all.

Our philosophy: learn and share

We are learners. We are teachers - These two slogans, which we have chosen to promote the Academy, reflect the two actions representing the right balance in the professional and personal aspirations of all of us. 
SEA people have the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge while training others, transferring knowledge and improving cooperation.

Training is everywhere

At our airports, we connect people and places by breaking down barriers we encounter along the way. We apply the same principle to learning. That is why our training offering includes both in-person and online sessions to reach the widest possible audience:

icona formazione dal vivo

In-person training at our airports and at our training centres at Linate and Malpensa. We also offer training breaks in our operating departments and in-person workshops.

icona formazione online

Online training through access to online platforms, compliance and soft skills training, webinars, learning pills and much more.