Our network of stakeholders includes the leading universities in Milan and Northern Italy, local organisations and professional schools.

We constantly interact with these actors through forums and meetings with the aim of obtaining a return in our value creation process, on the one hand by acquiring in-depth knowledge of the role airports play in the local and national context and on the other hand by supporting conscious ways of engaging with local communities.

We are committed to promoting increasingly efficient and inclusive services for our users.

Collaborating to learn

We are currently collaborating with companies operating at Malpensa to improve the level of service offered to customers and passengers and to promote a constant alignment between labour supply and market demand. This effort is intended to improve the overall user experience and promote employment opportunities in line with the needs of the local area.

This is why we inaugurated the first ‘School at the airport’ in Italy at Malpensa on 2nd October 2023: three classes (third, fourth and fifth grade) and 35 students of the ‘Aircraft Operation and Maintenance’ course of the Istituto Ponti Gallarate are attending lessons for the 2023/2024 school year, for three days a week, in dedicated spaces at our Terminal 2.

“It is an incredible project,” said Chairwoman Michaela Castelli while addressing the students during the inauguration ceremony. "It is a challenge for us to be a source of inspiration for you. We are handing you the keys to the future for an aviation industry that aims to be more and more innovative and cutting-edge.”

The partnership offers students the opportunity to enrich their course of study with an integrative training and guidance programme jointly developed by the School and SEAcademy.

The programme includes specialised courses and project work. Students can use three classrooms of about 55 square metres each, a laboratory of about 54 square metres, a teachers' room and two offices, which are available free of charge.

SEAAcademy and Istituto Ponti: inauguration of the School at the Airport