Our Code of Ethics represents SEA’s ethical vision, principles and rules of conduct. The Code of Ethics emphasises the central importance of sustainable development in the Company’s strategies.

Purpose and recipients 

The Code of Ethics is our self-regulatory tool through which we intend to guide the activities and conduct of all persons working in the interest of the Group towards the ethical principles and self-regulatory codes we adhere to, in accordance with applicable laws and company policies and procedures. Respect for and observance of the code are essential to ensure proper functioning, the Group’s image and its people’s satisfaction. 

The Code sets out the principles guiding our activities and defines specific rules of conduct for our people (members of corporate bodies, employees, suppliers, customers, partners, in general), addressed to anyone operating in our interest, be it directly or indirectly, in Italy or abroad. 

The Code is an integral part of the Organisation and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. 

Ethical vision

The Code of Ethics sets out the principles, the observance of which is of fundamental importance for the Group’s proper management. We have defined 9 values and 3 ethical levels that reflect our company’s responsibility in our internal and external relations, which are deeply connected to our strategy. 

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Employee and collaborator duties 

Each employee or collaborator has the duty to know the rules of conduct and has the obligation to:

  • refrain from any conduct contrary to the provisions of the Code of Ethics;
  • report any news regarding any alleged violation of the rules of conduct of the Code, including by third parties external to the Company, to their superiors and/or to the Ethics Committee;
  • collaborate with the departments and bodies responsible for monitoring the suitability and effectiveness of the Code. 

Everyone is welcome to express their concerns or seek clarification on any aspect of our Code. Moreover, through the whistleblowing platform, we guarantee all stakeholders the possibility to report alleged violations of the Code’s rules of conduct to the Ethics Committee while guaranteeing maximum confidentiality.

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