The prevention of corrupt practices is not only a legal obligation, but also an ethical principle that inspires our work.

As part of its commitment to preventing and combating corruption, SEA has adopted a Management System for Corruption Prevention, certified according to the UNI ISO 37001:2016 “Anti-bribery Management System” standard, which brings together the current rules for preventing and combating corrupt conduct in a single organised framework. 

Corruption Prevention Policy 

SEA strives to base its operations, conduct and way of working on fairness, equity, integrity, loyalty and professional rigour, both in internal relations and in its relations with third parties, with a focus on full compliance with the law, as well as observance of corporate procedures. 

A fundamental element of the Management System for the Prevention of Corruption is the “Corruption Prevention Policy”, which is addressed to SEA’s employees and to all of the Company’s stakeholders and represents the fundamental principles that inspire SEA, as well as the measures for preventing and combating corruption adopted by the Company. 

Anti-Corruption Contact Person 

SEA has identified an Anti-Corruption Contact Person represented by the Head of Legal Affairs Staff Services & Legal Compliance with the sole purpose of facilitating third parties in discussions on these issues with the Company, since the Contact Person does not perform the duties entrusted to the Anti-Corruption Officer under Law 190/2012, since the provision is not applicable to SEA.

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