The materiality matrix is the compass of our sustainability strategy identifying the areas in which we intend to make practical commitments to developing airports of the future.
It is the result of a joint assessment between corporate management and a large part of our stakeholders, whom we have involved for greater strategic effectiveness.

How are material aspects defined?

For SEA the identification of material aspects is the result of a journey shared by the company with all the relevant stakeholders.
We undertook this journey with the prospect of generating a positive impact with respect to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN Agenda for 2030.

The SEA materiality matrix

“Our airports are a valuable component of the economic success of the area in terms of development and competitiveness on an international scale.” 


Our path to value creation

For SEA, a successful value creation process is closely related to the ability to respond effectively to stimuli from the scenario it operates in. We believe that all the resources employed are valuable for generating tangible benefits in the area, from economic investments to intangible capital such as the knowledge and expertise of the people who work in the Group.