Foto ritratto Castelli

Michaela Castelli

Not executive
Ethics Committee
Foto ritratto D'alfonso

Franco Maria Antonio D’Alfonso

Committee member
Not executive
Remuneration and Appointments Committee
Ethics Committee
Foto ritratto Crespi

Massimiliano Crespi

Committee member
Head of Human Resources, Health and Safety at Work
Foto ritratto De Bartolomeo

Rossella De Bartolomeo

Committee member
Head of Auditing

Set up for the first time in 2000, the Ethics Committee is responsible for ensuring the dissemination, compliance, correct interpretation, updating and monitoring of the implementation of the Code of Ethics, as well as for verifying, monitoring and assessing cases of its violation.

The EC also carries out its activities for the subsidiaries, which have identified the parent company’s EC as their ethics committee. The dissemination of the contents of the Code of Ethics is promoted by the Ethics Committee, which may avail itself of the collaboration of the competent company functions.

The appointment and dismissal of the members of the EC, including the appointment of the chairman, are the responsibility of SEA’s Board of Directors.

The Ethics Committee is composed

  • of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Michaela Castelli, who assumes the Chairmanship of the Committee
  • by a non-executive board member of SEA, identified as Franco D’Alfonso,
  • by the head of the corporate Human Resources, Health and Safety at Work Department
  • by the head of the Auditing Department