Welfare at SEA has a long tradition and has always aimed to be up to date and close to people's needs, with an offer that is constantly being renewed. 

Some of our initiatives have a long history because they continue to attract interest, while others are new or have evolved over time. 

We regularly ask our employees for their views on their satisfaction and needs through surveys and active listening sessions.

Why choose SEA

Our approach to welfare is based on an ecosystem of personalised services designed to put people first. 

We offer a wide range of solutions, including family services, personal services, work-life balance agreements, mobility services, personal assistance and pension plans.

What we offer

vita lavoro
Work-life balance

We facilitate the reconciliation of work and personal needs through remote work, flexible working hours and a catering service in airport areas with Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers, among others.


We help families by supporting our employees’ children's studies with scholarships and contributions for summer camps.


We encourage sustainable travel to and from work with a contribution for the purchase of annual tickets in partnership with ATM and Trenord.


We are close to our people with check-ups, prevention campaigns available directly at the airport, supplementary benefits, telemedicine, discounts at sports centres, psychological counselling and personalised nutrition plans.

Convenzioni aziendali

We offer discounts and special rates at airport shops and restaurants.