Over the years, we have sought to enhance skills by creating career paths that are aligned with the company's strategic objectives. That's why our training offers are aligned with business needs and aim to maximise professional and technical growth.

In 2023, we continued with our commitment to training and development programmes to continuously improve our human capital.

Our offer is divided into seven different areas: Living the Airport, Upskilling, Corporate Governance, Leadership Path, Innovation and Sustainability Lab, Safety at the Airport & at Work, We Are Teachers.


Our mission is to ensure a safe, efficient and satisfying airport experience for everyone. Through our ‘Living the Airport’ programme, we offer a wide range of courses, learning pills, videos and workshops for a comprehensive understanding of the airport ecosystem.

We recognise the fundamental importance of a detailed knowledge of the spaces, rules and roles within the airport. Understanding the operation of the control room, the movement of aircraft on the apron, the management of ground vehicles and the supervision of terminal activities are just some of the essential skills we teach.

We promote a detailed knowledge of spaces, regulations and internal roles, with a focus on accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Knowing the airport enables us to respond to our customers' needs in a friendly and courteous manner.


At SEA Group, professional life is always accompanied by training activities aimed at improving technical know-how and cross-functional skills.

Upskilling is our response to the need for continuous professional improvement. We offer workshops and on-the-job experience to cultivate a balanced and comprehensive professionalism.

Our training is based on solidity and awareness.

  • Solidity: We provide activities that strengthen technical skills and foster a deeper understanding of the work environment, preparing participants to face both daily and future challenges with confidence.
  • Emotional and relational awareness: we provide activities to improve role management, integrating technical competencies with the soft skills essential for effective professional leadership.

In a constantly evolving legal context, it is crucial for all organisations to understand and uphold the principle of legality, which pervades every facet of corporate law. It is not just an obligation, but also a major challenge. Information, education and awareness are the cornerstones of this offering.

In addition to data protection, cybersecurity, anti-corruption measures, whistleblowing, company governance and organisational model, code of ethics and procurement code, under ‘Corporate Governance’ you can find all training activities related to the set of principles, mechanisms, rules and relationships that govern a company's operations and decision-making processes.


Becoming a good manager is not a straightforward process, and every leader needs to see his or her role as one that can be improved.

In the 'Leadership Path' you can find all the training activities tailored to those who lead teams. Through an approach that develops functional skills for managing and developing individuals and teams, starting with day-to-day activities.

The aim is to promote effective, sustainable and inclusive leadership by creating an environment that fosters team leadership.

The ability to motivate people is critical in the pursuit of excellence, ensuring safe operations and collectively creating a competitive advantage for the company.


In our sector, it is essential to cultivate a mindset that encourages us to think outside the box in order to anticipate and meet the needs of our passengers while successfully addressing business challenges.

Within the 'Innovation and Sustainability Lab' you will find activities dedicated to fostering and strengthening an innovative mindset as a fundamental driver of success, transformation and organisational evolution.

We believe that innovators aren't born, they are made. Innovation is a process that can be broken down into stages, that can be learned and taught. That's why we strive to inspire active participation in cultural change through innovative projects that are not only sustainable in the long term, but also achievable in the short term.


What do 'safety’ and ‘security’ mean to us in the workplace? And specifically in the context of an airport?

When we talk about 'safety at work', we are talking about the psychological and physical well-being of employees, protecting them from potential harm arising from risks and hazards inherent in their work activities and environment. 

‘Airport Safety' focuses on the aviation safety aspects of airport operations. 

‘Security' encompasses the protection and prevention of intentional acts of unlawful interference and risk to property and persons.

While there are many ways to approach airport security, for SEA one principle is paramount: the health and safety of individuals comes first, regardless of location, operation or time.


Teachers aren't born, they are made!

That's why we have developed a special training programme to help individuals learn how to share, teach and pass on their knowledge. We constantly need people who can share the knowledge they have accumulated over the years, thus becoming true ‘teachers’ who can share their expertise and experience both inside and outside the organisation.

Our wealth of knowledge can't be wasted!