The SEA Group is an organisation comprising 2550 people (as at 31 December 2023) working in the airports of Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa. The key elements underpinning the management and development of our business revolve around these pillars: 
skills, sense of belonging and quality of service.


Sustainable connectors of regions and people

Our aim is to respond to the needs of the communities that host our airports, connecting them with faraway places, and to meet passengers' expectations by actively helping to establish relationships between people.

As we develop our business, as part of the aviation industry, we are thoroughly engaged in researching and developing new solutions to reduce emissions (our goal is to reach Net Zero by 2030) and the impact of airport operations, while maintaining high financial and service standards, in line with the best European performance standards.

We are focused every day on generating new sustainable value for all our stakeholders, as we aware that we play a crucial role in our country's economy and in people's lives. These responsibilities motivate us to improve every day, working internally starting with our people and our mindset.

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Our people are at the heart of airports

In a system as complex as an airport, people play a key role in every area of business. Working at an airport is a very interesting professional experience, which allows allowing you to come into contact with and discover very different realities, all of which are naturally focused on serving the community.

If you are passionate about operations, infrastructure and transport, you will find a stimulating environment with a wealth of professional experiences, where you can put your skills to the test and grow in expertise. 
We work every day to ensure high standards of safety, operations and sustainability, serving passengers, airlines and the airport community.

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