Continuous improvement of services, quality, and safety lie at the heart of our daily commitment. They are what defines SEA.

As an airport manager, SEA handles the design, development, and coordination of airport infrastructure, as well as the control and management of services delivered both directly by our staff and indirectly by other stakeholders.

Our aim is to ensure efficient and reliable operations in a safe and welcoming environment. At the heart of our daily commitment lies a focus on passengers, with each of us striving to enhance their travel experience in a modern and dynamic setting.

Continuous improvement of quality is a top priority for us, guiding our pursuit of innovative and enhancing solutions according to the highest international standards to maintain excellence.

“Listening to passengers means being attentive to their fundamental needs and also to expectations that go beyond what is necessary, but which can create an extraordinary experience”

Benedetto Viola
Quality Management and Continuous Improvement Manager

A "passenger centric" approach to create value for all

Commitment to quality is ingrained in our culture, it is a priority in the whole company, driven by responsible leadership present at every level of the process. 
SEA’s people embody this dedication through their ability to meet challenges, ensuring ever greater attention to passengers, the community, and all stakeholders within SEA’s internal and external context. This approach creates shared value for everyone.

  1. At the heart of this process lies active listening to passengers and operators and their direct engagement, enabling us to quickly and effectively improve our services.
  2. Teamwork and synergy between SEA’s people and stakeholders foster constant dialogue and active cooperation to continuously enhance quality and generate innovative solutions, best meeting passenger needs.

Quality Management System

In line with its "passenger centric" approach, SEA has long established a dedicated Quality Management System designed to identify, understand, and meet all passengers’ needs to ensure ever higher quality standards
This system is based on actions positively impacting performance levels provided by both SEA and other operators, such as the continuous monitoring of services and perceived quality.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement underpins our quality management process, aiming to refine and optimise our services, even through small continuous changes, decided based on data analysis.

Monitoring perceived quality and the passenger experience

Our commitment to delivering high-quality services involves measuring key indicators established at corporate level and, in agreement with ENAC, focuses on continuous observation and evaluation of experiences and service levels provided.

passenger feedback
Collecting passenger feedback

We actively involve passengers in assessing service quality through interviews conducted with a statistically significant sample, dedicated surveys, focus groups, social media channels, and field observations to gather opinions, suggestions, and direct feedback.

Data analysis and interpretation
Data analysis and interpretation

Service quality is measured using specific indicators observed in the field or through automated systems to assess their impact on passenger experience. The data collected and passenger feedback are then analysed and interpreted to identify new trends, strengths, and areas for improving services offered by SEA. This analysis process enables us to gain a deep understanding of passenger needs and expectations.


Thanks to our active participation in international programmes and working groups, our Quality Management System promotes the creation of a network to share best practices adopted by leading airports.

Improvement plan
Continuous improvement plan

Based on the information gathered and analyses conducted, SEA develops and implements corrective actions and targeted improvements to deliver an increasingly high-quality service and identify new service opportunities for passengers.


Participation in Customer Satisfaction programmes

Since 2008, SEA has participated in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) programme, promoted and managed by ACI World to assess passenger satisfaction levels at airports.

In 2023, Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa were honoured with the prestigious Airport Service Quality Award, ranking them among the top European airports in their respective categories. Over time, passenger ratings for both airports have shown improvement, with an overall satisfaction rating of 4.16 for Linate and 4.01 for Malpensa on a scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). 

Linate was also awarded the ACI Europe Best Airport Award 2023 for airports handling between 5 - 10 million passengers, recognising its efforts in sustainability, innovation, and commitment to continually enhancing the airport passenger experience. 

Both airports have embarked on the ACI World Airport Customer Experience Accreditation process, with Linate achieving Level 3 accreditation in 2023 and Malpensa maintaining Level 3 for the second consecutive year.


Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa Service Charters

Every year, SEA publishes the Service Charters for Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports, as per ENAC guidelines.
These documents not only serve as guides to the airports’ services but also reflect SEA's dedication to serving its passengers.

Each year, SEA commits to maintaining high standards of quality, monitoring service performance and passenger satisfaction, with results publicly disclosed through the Service Charters in a transparent and objective manner.
This process encourages dialogue and direct interaction with passengers, promoting continuous improvement.