The airport  

Milano Linate airport guarantees connections to the main national and European destinations and is the fourth airport in Italy in terms of passenger volume.

Thanks to its strategic position, just 8 kilometres from the centre of Milan, Linate airport is a true city airport and offers passengers increasingly innovative services that make the travel experience more comfortable and faster. 

Milano Linate is a functional, welcoming airport capable of sustaining the growth trend of a continuously moving city like Milano and of satisfying the demand for flights from operators and passengers.


Our top priority is the passenger satisfaction

 We constantly strive to understand passenger's needs in order to offer personalisedpersonalized and exclusive services. Attention and care for each passenger lead our initiatives to constantly improve the travel experience at our airport.

Attention and care for each passenger lead our initiatives to constantly improve the travel experience at our airport.


Milano Linate offers a wide range of services including:

Food services and shops
Shop & Food

Bars, restaurants, cafés and shops within the airport offer a variety of food options, from full meals to quick snacks and duty-free products.

Passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility

Assistance for passengers with disabilities to ensure a smooth travel experience.


The airport offers several parking options, both short-term and long-term, for passengers arriving by car. In addition, all Mila Airports Parking car parks at Linate have spaces reserved for people with disabilities, who can park free of charge on presentation of their original badge, identity document and plane ticket.

Vip Lounge
Vip Lounge

Possibility of lounges accessible for a fee or to members of frequent flyer programmes, where you can relax and enjoy additional comfort and services before your flight.

Vip Service
Vip Service

A range of exclusive, high-level services for passengers who require qualified assistance tailored to their needs.

Fast Track
Fast Track

Faster access to security checkpoints and the boarding area through a dedicated track.

Baggage Wrap
Baggage Wrap

Possibility to wrap your baggage for maximum protection. additional items before your flight.

Car rental services
Car rental

Several car rental agencies operate within the airport, offering users the possibility of renting a car directly upon arrival.

Information desk services
Travel documents

Information points are available to help passengers with questions, directions and general information about the airport.

Smart security
Smart security

machines at baggage control that allow passengers to avoid taking out liquids and electronic devices in compliance with maximum security.

Commercial Area Calls

We offer a series of calls for tenders with the aim of creating opportunities to contribute to the growth, development and shaping of our country's future. We work together to shape an innovative and sustainable environment for future generations.

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Data Sheet

Main data

Location indicator: 
Airport name: 
MILANO / Linate
Operational hours: H24
Number of aircraft stands: 41
Number of check-in counters: 71 luggage drops, 12 hand luggage only
Number of gates: 24

Airport administrative and geographic data

ARP coordinates: 45°26’58’’N 009°16’42’’E
Position and distance from the city
: 4.2 NM ESE

: 353 FT / 28.8 °C
Magnetic/Annual variation
: 1° E (2005.0) / 6’E

Airport administrative authority

ENAC - DA Milano Linate
20054 Linate
Tel +39 02 74852952 Fax +39 02 7560264

Management company
S.E.A. (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali)
Tel SEA: +39 02 74851 MIL EXC 73901

ATS authority
SAAV Linate
Tel: +39 02 70143201; fax: +39 02 70143720

Type of traffic permitted (IFR/VFR)

1) All operations referring to General Aviation traffic will be carried out at the A.T.A. traffic office. (Ali Trasporti Aerei) Linate WEST - hours: 06:00-22:00 (05:00-21:00), SKY SERVICES - hours: 05:00-21:00 (04:00-20:00) and UNIVERSAL AVIATION ITALY - hours: 06:00-22:00 (05:00-21:00)
2) Reference Code - Annex 14 for flight infrastructures: 4D (MAX wing span 48 m)

Fire protection and emergency services

Airport fire protection service category


Weather information

Weather forecast office
: MILANO/Linate
Work hours
: H24

Physical characteristics of the runways

Designation number: 17
Magnetic orientation: 175°
RWY (M) size: 601 x 22
RWY strength: PCN 20/F/B/W/T
RWY surface: Bituminous conglomerate

Designation numbero: 35
Magnetic orientation: 355°
RWY (M) size: 601 x 22
RWY strength: PCN 20/F/B/W/T
RWY surface: Bituminous conglomerate

Designation number: 18
Magnetic orientation: 175°
RWY (M) siz: 2442 x 60
RWY strength: PCN 60/F/B/W/T
RWY surface: ASPH

Designation number: 36
Magnetic orientation: 355°
RWY (M) size (M): 2442 x 60
RWY strength: PCN 60/F/B/W/T
RWY surface: ASPH

Declared distances




1) The Intersection Take-off are usable only upon the pilot’s request or TWR request, with prior authorisation from the pilot
2) Intersection Take-off G RWY 36 only for helicopters

Local traffic regulations

Preferential use of runways

1) Runway 36 is used, on a preferential basis, for take-off and landing.

2) ATC will use this runway provided that:

  • If the runway is dry, the tail wind component is not greater than 17kt;
  • If the runway is wet, the tail wind component is not greater than 5kt; This preferential criteria will not apply if:
    • The tail wind component is greater than the set forth limits;
    • The breaking action of the runway is “poor”.

3) If the pilot believes that the runway chosen by ATC does not meet the requirements for his/her flight operations, he/she can request to use another runway; in this case the aircraft may be subject to delay.

4) Due to ILS ground check, the 18/36 runway will be closed every Tuesday, from 23:15-00:15 (22:15-23:15), weather and operating conditions permitting.

Airport manuals