The internal control and risk management system (SCIGR), inspired by the recommendations of the corporate governance code issued by Borsa Italiana S.p.A, consists of the set of rules aimed at ensuring that the company is run in a manner consistent with its goals. 
SEA’s SCIGR is based on a risk-based approach that facilitates the proper identification, measurement, management and monitoring of the risks assumed by the Company and ensures the prioritisation of risks for assessment on the basis of their relevance and occurrence.

The aim of the SCIGR is to contribute to SEA’s sustainable success, as part of a corporate strategy geared towards integrating business and sustainability goals.

SEA adopts an internal control system that monitors:

  • the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes,
  • the reliability of financial information,
  • compliance with laws, regulations, the Articles of Association and internal procedures,
  • safeguarding of the company’s assets.

Key players in the system

The Group’s risk management system involves in particular the Board of Directors, which plays a role in guiding and assessing its adequacy, and the CEO, formally identified by the Board as the person in charge of setting up and maintaining the SCIGR.

The Board of Directors is assisted by the Control, Risk and Sustainability Committee and the Board of Statutory Auditors.

The proper functioning of the SCIGR is based on the successful interaction in the performance of tasks between the corporate control functions.

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Board of Directors

The Board assesses the adequacy of the organisational, administrative and accounting structure of the Company and its subsidiaries, with particular regard to the internal control and risk management system at least once a year and with particular reference to Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”), the audit plan and the Organisation, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 (“MOG”).

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Chief Executive Officer

The responsibility for the internal control and risk management system is assigned to the CEO as the person in charge of the SCIGR, who sets its guidelines, checks its adequacy and effective functioning and ensures the identification and proper management of the main corporate risks.

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Control, Risk and Sustainability Committee

A committee established within the Board of Directors with advisory and proposal-making functions with respect to the administrative body regarding internal control and risks.

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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit monitors the operation and suitability of the internal control and risk management system and compliance with the internal procedures issued for this purpose, as per the mandate given by the Board of Directors.

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Board of Statutory Auditors

The control body monitors the effectiveness of the internal control and risk management system. It is invited to attend meetings of the Control, Risk and Sustainability Committee.

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