SEA Academy is in-person training – particularly in our Training Centres in Linate and Malpensa – but also online training – through open access to the dedicated platform, the course catalogue available on GoodHabitz, and the use of tools and more informal content (videos, webinars, learning pills, online workshops and more).

Our offer is increasingly complete in its proposals, responsive to regulations, aligned with business needs but also recognisable in its distinctive features: this is why we have organised it into seven different colour lines, identifying thematic disciplinary areas: Living the Airport, Upskilling, Corporate Governance, Leadership Path, Innovation and Sustainability Lab, Safety and Security in the Airport & at Work, We Are Teachers.

SEA Academy is our new home of knowledge: the right place to invest in our skills, our talents, committing to express the best version of ourselves, and to give back to others what we have learned, with generosity.

SEA Academy

Learning and sharing – We are learners. We are teachers – as the two slogans chosen to tell the story, are complementary actions, the positive aspiration that guides the professional and personal lives of all of us: the founding pillars of our house of knowledge.

The working life of each of us must be accompanied by training activities that aim to enhance our technical know-how and soft skills. The right balance of technical and soft skills enables us to achieve a balanced and "rounded" professional approach.

We have therefore identified a training area called "Upskilling", in which people can develop and train their skills through workshops and on-the-job experiences.

This type of training divides along two main lines:

Robustness: a range of activities concerned with developing specialised skills and understanding the context in which one works, in order to prepare for the daily grind and complexity of future challenges.

Emotional and relational awareness: useful activities to improve role monitoring, with particular reference to the integration of the hard dimension (technical skills) with that of soft skills.