Each airport must provide the management, in the area surrounding the airport, of a continuous monitoring system capable of:

  • assessing the level of airport noise in order to verify the correct identification of complying areas;
  • monitoring the effects deriving from the adoption of anti-noise procedures as defined by the Airport Commissions.

Since 2001, SEA has guaranteed the monitoring of aeronautical noise origin at the airports of Linate and Malpensa, in compliance with current national legislation.

The system for assessing airport noise managed by SEA includes14 stations in the field (10 at Malpensa and 4 at Linate) and represents one of the most most advanced systems in Italy and in Europe.

In addition to 14 fixed stations, 4 additional mobile stations are being used for special measurement campaigns aimed at satisfying any requests made by local entities and by citizens.

The acoustic data is analysed with the help of a computer system: through the use of the radar tracking of flights provided by ENAV, it is possible to separate the noise of aeronautic origin from the overall noise.

SEA operates in cooperation and under the strict control of ARPA (Agenzia Regionale Protezione Ambiente - Regional Environmental Protection Agency) in order to improve the monitoring activity and the protection of the areas surrounding the airport.