As a major mobility player in the area, we actively participate in UAM's process of innovation and technological evolution, acting as an early mover in meeting the challenges of the global mobility transition, availing of qualified partnerships and cutting-edge technologies (electric propulsion, autonomous driving, geolocation, etc.).

We are retrofitting our airports with a view to environmental sustainability and a seamless passenger experience.

Focus On

UAM: why?

Today, over 4 billion people – more than half the world's population – live in cities, which generate more than 80% of GDP and are the engine of economic growth. The continuous increase in road traffic in urban areas, due to the need to meet the growing mobility needs of people and goods, requires innovative solutions and alternative methods of transport that are safe, fast, efficient and can sustainably accompany the economic growth of cities. UAM is an opportunity to mitigate the negative impacts of urbanization and offers a practical alternative to surface transport, as a new method of connecting cities and airports.

UAM: what are the benefits?

Urban Air Mobility is a new, safe and efficient air transport system in which people and goods are transported by crossing urban areas using electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.


EVTOLs are safe and stable aircraft. Current technology allows them to cover distances of up to 150 km, in the urban and suburban context (e.g., "air cab" and "airport shuttle" services). The first aircraft will be pilot-operated and carry 1 to 4-5 passengers, depending on the model developed by manufacturers. In the medium to long term, as technology evolves, both the range of distances that can be travelled and the number of seats offered will increase.
The safe integration of eVTOL flight operations in airspace will be ensured by a new framework, the U-Space, an architecture that is based on a high level of digitization and automation of functions and specific procedures designed to implement safe and efficient access to airspace, facilitating eVTOLs in the interaction with civil aircraft, ATM/ANS service providers, and authorities.

Our Urban Air Mobility Project

Our contribution to the development of Urban Air Mobility will consist in the creation of a network of vertiports in Italy starting with Milan and Lombardy, in compliance with the indications of ENAC's National Strategic Plan 2021-2030, which envisages the creation of vertiports in the Milan area as well. The goal is to ensure the operation of UAM services by the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympic Games. To choose the best location of the vertiports, both in terms of user demand for the service and aviation-technical constraints of the sites, two technical studies have been carried out.

How are we choosing our vertiports?

Come stiamo individuando i nostri vertiporti

We are working to build
4 vertiports in Lombardy and Milan by 2026

UAM services will offer a new, sustainable method of access to Milan's airports, with a view to integration and intermodality with existing surface methods of transport. This will foster the interconnection between mobility systems and digital technologies, according to the MaaS paradigm, and provide passengers with a smooth, fast and high-quality travel experience.