Redevelopment work on airstrip 17L/35R began on the night of 8 September 2021 at Malpensa.

A major extraordinary maintenance operation that kept us busy for just over a month and saw the Vitali SpA company at work, under the supervision of SEA Works Management.

In addition to the airstrip, the pertinent taxiways and the Luminous Visual Aids systems were also upgraded, and replaced with new LED lamps that are more visible and consume less electricity.

The design involved maximising the reuse of waste materials from the demolition of existing pavements and foundations and minimising the production of waste by processing them, with the goal of reducing the overall environmental impact of the intervention.

Here is the video that chronicles the extraordinary and mandatory maintenance work on Malpensa's airstrip 17L/35R, taxiways and Luminous Visual Aids systems.

More than 170 people worked at the construction site, 85,000 tons of material were laid, 850 new LED light signals were installed for more than 70 km in all of new cables.

A 12-million-euro project developed in a green perspective by treating and recovering 100% of materials from processing, directly within the airport. An approach that also made it possible to decrease traffic to and from the airport for the vehicles involved in the construction site, resulting in a reduction in CO2.