We are working to accelerate the green transition process of our airports and to enhance the development of intermodal connectivity, with a view to greater efficiency and lower impact.

Enhancing surface connectivity of Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa is instrumental to increasing connectivity not only of the Milan and Lombardy area but of a larger macro-region extending from Central-Northern Italy to Switzerland.

Metro 4: next stop Linate

Metro 4, soon to be inaugurated, will connect Linate Airport to Milan's city centre, reducing the share of traffic related to travellers and staff.

A step-by-step process thanks to which the city of Milan will soon have an underground system ramified enough to reach the airport, making it in effect a city-airport.

Cura del ferro SEA


Stage I: 2021 from Forlanini to Linate

In 2021, construction work was completed on the first functional section of the new M4 underground connecting Linate airport to Forlanini FS station with Repetti as an intermediate stop; however, the section has not yet come into operation.

linee metro cura del ferro SEA


The completion of the underground line to San Cristoforo, scheduled for 2023, will provide a direct and faster connection to Linate along Milan's east-west axis and will also allow interchange with suburban railway lines at Forlanini, Dateo and San Cristoforo stations, thereby making the airport part of the regional railway transport network.

The entry into operation of the M4 is expected to significantly reduce the share of passengers and employees who travel to the airport by car: this will reduce traffic volumes on the airport access road - and the related atmospheric pollutant emissions - limiting congestion phenomena and, in addition, reducing travel times for vehicular flows not-directed to/originating from the airport.

quota intermodale


Stage II: 2023 high-speed rail comes to the airport

A new project linking Metro 4 and high-speed railway is intended to facilitate travel between Segrate and Linate by extending the M4 line.

The "Milan east gate hub" will make it possible to functionally link Linate airport services and high-speed railway services on the Milan-Venice routes. SEA supports the project and is among the signatories to the agreement to finance part of the amount needed to draw up the Technical-Economic Feasibility Project for the work, the second phase of which has received 50% co-funding from the European Commission under the CEF Call "Reflow 2019". The time horizon indicated for completion is 2028.

Milan east gate hub

Malpensa: at the airport on high speed

Another important link in this wide-ranging infrastructure development strategy is the continuation of the link between Malpensa Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, with the addition of a new railway track of about 4.6 km to Gallarate and a 1.1 km link to Casorate Sempione.

This project will allow a redistribution of mobility loads to Malpensa on the regional railway network.

The work is part of the project to complete the railway loop connecting to the Sempione line, to ensure an efficient connection of the lines coming from the north in the direction of Malpensa.

After winning the tender for the executive design and construction of the new T2-Gallarate railway line, at present the design phase has begun, and SEA is involved in activities related to work within the airport area, which will begin in April 2023.

Trenord tickets: soon also available on SEA sites

In the aim of creating an integrated and sustainable transport ecosystem, we have entered into an important partnership with Trenord to develop the Malpensa Express service and encourage increased train modal share.

One of the projects launched to achieve the goal is the sale of Malpensa Express tickets via SEA's digital ecosystem, with the intention of helping passengers with travel planning and encouraging use of the Malpensa Express as a means of transport to move to and from the airport.