With the OLGA hOListic Green Airport project, approved and funded by the European Commission with a total budget of 34 million euro, of which 25 million euro to be granted by the European Commission for a period of 60 months, SEA together with the other OLGA partners will address the challenge of significantly reducing the environmental impact of the air transport industry.

OLGA: things?

It is a consortium of 57 partners and entities of the highest expertise, among which SEA Milan Airports, engaged with SNAM to build a plant for green hydrogen powering the airport's ground vehicles. This is the first time in an airport, and the site chosen is that of Milan Malpensa.

OLGA: Objective?

The aim of OLGA is to develop innovative sustainable measures to reduce emissions both on the airstrips and on the ground by improving energy efficiency, air quality, biodiversity, and waste management. These new solutions are part of the European Union's ambitious plan to achieve carbon neutrality and aim to improve the quality of life.