We are studying, in cooperation with local authorities, a new 2.6-kilometre cycle path to allow passengers heading to Malpensa to adopt alternative and sustainable solutions to reach the airport.

This is a redevelopment project that involves both widening the road section of Via Giusti to allow for a cycle path and securing the route.

The cycle path runs along the old Via Comunale and Via del Barchello to then flank Via Giusti, ending at the intersection with Via Facchinetti.

We drew up both the Technical-Economic Feasibility Project and the Final Project for the redevelopment of Via Giusti in agreement and collaboration with the Municipality of Somma Lombardo.

Mobilità dolce

The partnership

The project is also among the infrastructural interventions envisaged in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by SEA, ENAC, Lombardy Region, Varese Province and CUV municipalities on the Malpensa Airport Master Plan 2035.