A construction site for the construction of an ultrafast charging station - Superfast Charging Station - powered by 100% renewable energy - for electric and plug-in cars was opened on Monday 27 June at Linate: protected by shelters and equipped with 5 ultrafast columns (up to 300kW), capable of charging 10 vehicles at the same time, the Linate charging station will be one of the largest present in an international airport.

On the road in front of the Arrivals area of Linate airport, the first multistandard fast column capable of recharging all electric vehicles with CCS2, CHAdeMO in DC and Type2 in AC standards is already active.

The project also includes a station at Malpensa and two at the private aviation terminals at the two airports. Four columns, of which 3 are ultrafast, capable of charging 7 vehicles in parallel, will be installed at Malpensa. For each of the private aviation areas outside the Terminals, 2 columns will be installed, of which one superfast (up to 150kW), capable of charging 4 vehicles at a time.

SEA has appointed the implementation of the project to Free to X, a start-up company of the Autostrade per l'Italia Group, which will have the role of Charge Point Operator of the stations, and Atlante, a NOHA Group company, partner for the implementation and management of energy management services.

The charging stations at Milan airports, as well as those on the ASPI motorway network, are of the highest technological standard in terms of capacity and reliability currently available.

Superfast Charging Stations will allow charging of the latest generation cars in 15 to 20 minutes, will operate 24 hours a day, and will accept all forms of payment with major Mobility Service Providers. All of the columns will be placed in areas where access and easy use is facilitated for people with reduced mobility.

More info on Free To X

Free To X is an Autostrade per l'Italia Group start-up dedicated to the development of advanced mobility services with a focus on innovation, technology and sustainability. It is for everyone travelling or moving around, combining the digital and physical dimensions of travel. Green mobility is at the heart of the portfolio of innovative solutions offered by Free To X, designed to meet the needs of end-to-end travellers.

In addition to building the largest high-power charging network for electric vehicles, Free To X aims to diversify its service offer on the network operated by ASPI in Italy by developing projects beyond the motorway network.

The Free To X app is an innovative tool and provides access to cashback for the refund of motorway tolls in the event of delays due to ongoing works on the network operated by Autostrade per l'Italia. In addition, the app can be used to plan your journey, calculating travel times, with an estimate of any delays due to the presence of construction sites for works on the ASPI network.