Improvement in the quality and standards level of the services offered is SEA's primary objective: to this end, the Group monitors the feedback received from its users and has attached a Cargo Service Charter to the Service Charter.

SEA's activities are directed to a composite universe of users that includes passengers, caretakers, visitors, employees and operators within the cargo sector.

The Group's objective is to guarantee a continuous improvement of the quality level of the services provided: customer comments are therefore periodically monitored and the feedback collected from surveys is used by SEA to set forth the objectives and action plans formalized in the Service Charter.

A Quality oriented management system – adopted beginning in 1995 –, the acquisition of national and international quality certifications as well as the participation in Customer Satisfaction programmes demonstrate the commitment of the Group with regards to service standards.


Service Charter

The Service Charter defines the qualitative level of services that the airport management is committed to guarantee to the passengers. Since 2011, SEA has attached to the Airport Service Charter, the Cargo Service Charter.

 Airport Service
Cargo Service
Who are these services for?The airports' passengers, caretakers, visitors and employees.Operators of cargo transport.
  • Identify the needs of the airport users.
  • Monitor the perception that the users have of the services provided by SEA.
  • Define the objectives and action plans for the improvement of the services based on the results of surveys on quality.
  • Make available to the users a report on the main performance and service indicators.

The qualitative and quantitative standards guaranteed by the airport management team are assessed by monitoring some identified indicators.

Quality Management System and certifications

The company's choices regarding the review of airport processes and services are guided by the Management System for Quality, implemented by SEA in 1995.

The services offered by SEA to the users are internally reviewed by a group of approximately 25 qualified auditors who work side by side with the Quality team.

The adoption of this policy has enabled SEA to acquire, over time, the quality certifications, i.e. UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, SERVICE CERTIFICATION, D-4001:2008.

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  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management Systems (certificate n. 50 100 8107) issued by TÜV Italia;
  • SERVICE CERTIFICATION, the process of supporting, within the airport, passengers with reduced mobility, based on Technical Regulations formulated in compliance with UNI CEI EN 45011 (certificate TÜV IT 005 MS) issued by TÜV Italia;
  • D-4001:2008, accessibility to the site for people with reduced mobility (certificate IA-0510-01) issued by the Dasa-Rägister.


Participation in Customer Satisfaction programmes

SEA takes part regularly in the Customer Satisfaction programme promoted by ACI Europe (Airport Council International), named Airport Service Quality.

Efficient airport services, both in terms of check-in, security control and baggage claim wait times, and in terms of personnel politeness and helpfulness are the aspects most highly valued by passengers of SEA operated airports. Compared to the average levels measured in European airports, the passengers of Milan airports showed, in absolute terms, particular appreciation for the availability of parking facilities, shops and restaurants, not only with regard to richness of choice but also to value for money. This confirms the Company’s strong commitment to improving commercial offers dedicated to the different types of users.