Milan, May 7, 2014 – The Shareholders’ AGM held today at the registered office in Linate and chaired by Pietro Modiano reviewed and approved the 2013 Annual Accounts, which reported consolidated revenues of Euro 724.1 million (+0.4%) and a consolidated net profit of Euro 33.7 million, after provisions for future charges of Euro 38.5 million. The net profit in 2012 was Euro 64 million, impacted by gross provisions of Euro 29 million, partially offset by the settlement with the Alitalia Group in extraordinary administration for Euro 13.8 million.  The Shareholders’ AGM finally approved the distribution of  a dividend of Euro 26.4 million, corresponding to a pay out of approx. 50.7% of the Net Profit of SEA S.p.A.. The Net Profit in 2013 totaled Euro 52.2 million.