3 May 2011 – SEA is adopting a new identity system, designed to further strengthen its corporate identity and at the same time make its wide range of activities more easily identi-fiable and cohesive. The decision is a response to the need – typical of companies with complex structures - of communicating the company’s products and services in a dis-tinctive and harmonious manner.The project is driven by the desire to simplify all the aspects of the communication and vis-uals, through a systematic application and detailed declination of graphic norms.The new identity system, created by Pierluigi Cerri, is based on three fundamental deci-sions: creating a new SEA brand, to be used as a distinctive element that characterizes the company in its innumerable B2B relations; identifying the Milan airports as belonging to a single airport system, serving Milan and the Lombardy region; defining a system that un-ifies and promotes the service offering of the SEA airports.The new SEA logo is designed to be a word presented in a print character, rather than a symbolic image, and springs from specifically created lettering. The brand is extended ac-cording to the specific missions of the companies belonging to the SEA Group (SEA Ener-gia, SEA Handling).Red is the color of reference for the entire system, and the design of a square with rounded corners that contains the brand is an element that creates a link, tying together the various levels of the system comprised by the airports and the relative services. The identity system touches on all of the company’s activities, from headings on the documents to the packag-ing and the company’s vehicle, unifying and adding value to the entire SEA offering. The versions of the logotypes of the products and services is generated by the design of the specially developed alphabet.In order to affirm its identity, the new system also couples the names of the individual airports with the city of Milan (Milano.Linate, Milano.Malpensa), indicating its territorial roots. Analogously, the services offered are linked to ViaMilano, the denomination of the new SEA virtual hub service, an extension that makes the entire system cohesive and easily recognizable, in terms of both graphics and wording: ViaMilano.Shopping, ViaMila-no.FastTrack, ViaMilano.Parking, and so forth.