Milan, March 25, 2022 - The Board of Directors of SEA S.p.A. has today reviewed and approved the separate financial statements of SEA S.p.A., the consolidated financial statements of the SEA Group and the 2021 Consolidated Non-Financial Report.

Passenger traffic: 13.9 million, up 46.9% (39.5% of pre-COVID traffic)

Cargo Transported: 743 thousand tonnes (+45.1%)

 Operating revenues: Euro 325 million, up 31.9%

 EBITDA: Euro 31.7 million (loss of Euro 31.1 million in 2020)

Group Net Result: loss of Euro 75.1 million (loss of Euro 128.6 million in 2020)

 Net Financial Debt: Euro 654.8 million (increasing Euro 28.1 million)