4 projects for secondary school students in the Lombardy region who participated in one of the initiatives promoted by SEAMalpensa, 17 January 2011 – Just over six months from the signing of the statement of intent for the integration of Malpensa and Linate in the local training program, signed by Giuseppe Bonomi, Chairman of Sea Aeroporti di Milano, and Giuseppe Colosio, Head of the School Office for the Lombardy Region, the first concrete results are now apparent: a series of actions involving students from the various schools participating.This in confirmation of SEA’s commitment to the territory and its efforts to contribute to the creation of skilled professionals to fill the local employment needs. And that’s not all: sports is also an important part of young people’s development.The objective of the agreement is to facilitate interaction between the airport and the surrounding area, in a context of development that is not limited to just economic factors, but also includes social, cultural and developmental aspects. In terms of the statement of intent, the reform of technical/vocational high schools has introduced a specialization in transport and logistics, which permitted an innovative initiative that translated into a concrete collaborative relationship between the Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate and Bergamo Orio al Serio airport structures and three Lombard secondary schools with specialized aeronautics programs:Istituto Statale Istruzione Superiore 'Andrea Ponti', in Gallarate (VA)Istituto Istruzione Secondaria Superiore 'James Clerk Maxwell', in MilanIstituto Aeronautico 'Antonio Locatelli', in Bergamo.The ultimate goal is to create a link between the worlds of school and work. A two-year course of study has been inaugurated, starting from the third year and including classroom hours dedicated to logistics and airport management. Airport professionals, flanked by the school tutors, will act as a teachers in the schools and 'in the field'.Certificates valid as training credits will be awarded upon successful completion of the course, with the graduation ceremony held at Volandia, the ideal location for underscoring the links between aeronautics, history, tradition and innovation. In line with its strategy of strengthening the connection between school and job training opportunities, SEA continues to organize guided tours for secondary schools and institutes, scholastic orientation activities and other projects consistent with the statement of intent. A preparatory classroom presentation at the Malpensa Infocenter is followed by a visit to the airport itself, revealing the world of air transportation to the students.To promote this initiative, the Local Schools Office has raised awareness and provided information to both public and private schools of the province, creating a web space to collect applications. Specialized SEA personnel conduct the tours, welcoming each participating school class. During the 2010/2011 school year, 21 schools participated, for a total of 77 class visits involving more than 2,000 students. Another important project SEA is conducting involves two-week internships, both during the school year and in the summer months (July-August), for students in the third and fourth years of secondary schools with IT specializations.Last year, 5 schools in the provinces of Milan and Varese participated, with about thirty students taking part. The students joined the Information Systems Units at Linate and Malpensa and were able to get a 'hands on' feel for the various operations conducted at the two centers. Finally, in the sports world, interaction with secondary schools in Lombardy and the Piedmont led to the organization of a soccer league for boys and a volleyball league for girls, a project sponsored by SEA and Lufthansa Italia.Students in the last two years of high school in the provinces of Como, Milan, Monza and Brianza, Novara, Varese and Verbano Cusio Ossola participate in a tournament divided into two stages. The initial stage is organized by the departments of education of each province, after which the semi-finals are held between provinces and then the championship matches for soccer and volleyball will be held, in the month of May, in a location that will make the event unforgettable for athletes and spectators alike. In fact, the final match of the boys’ soccer tournament is scheduled for this coming 31 May in the temple of Milanese football, San Siro stadium, while the girls will play the volleyball final at the Palaborsani, in Castellanza, home to the professionals of MC Carnaghi.